Friends of the OrangutansWelcome to Friends Of The Orangutans.


Based in Malaysia, we primarily exists to help Orangutans but we never turn a blind eye on the suffering of other animals. We focus to help Orangutans on two fronts, captive and wild. Our work in Malaysia has revealed that captive Orangutans are mismanaged while wild Orangutans face huge challenges for survival.

You can make a difference by volunteering for FOTO to help Orangutans. Volunteers are very welcome! If you have passion to make a change, FOTO can help you.

Take a look around the site and please contact us if you would like to help – Upreshpal Singh.



We also seek to increase public awareness of the plight of orangutans in Malaysia and to get locals involved in our team to help preserve Malaysian orangutans.

Our work in Malaysia has revealed mismanagement of captive orangutans while those in the wild face huge challenges for survival, especially from the palm oil industry.

If you have questions or are a passionate Malaysian looking to volunteer with FOTO, do not hesitate to contact us at the email address below, you will be working with a highly dedicated & passionate and well focused group in Friends of the Orangutans.




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