Write today to help #FreeLasah

Write today to help #FreeLasah

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Please email the Environment Minister of Malaysia (NRE) to ask for Lasah’s transfer to the Kuala Gandah elephant sanctuary.

The Wildlife Department, the prime minister’s office, Lasah’s owners and others will be copied in the CC list.


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Dear YB Dato Sri Dr. Haji Wan Junaidi Bin Tuanku Jaafar,

Lasah is a 37 year old wild born elephant who was captured and taken into captivity when he was a baby, separated from his mum and herd, and who has suffered in zoos, tourism and entertainment for over 25 years.

Lasah has been forced to work in a logging camp, lived in zoos including Singapore Zoo, perform in shows including in a popular Malaysian entertainment outlet and used in commercials and the 1999 film Anna and the King.

Eleven years ago, he was sent to the popular Malaysian tourist island, Langkawi and since then has been used by the profit-making Langkawi Elephant Adventures [LEA]. There, Lasah is used for elephant rides and lives all alone, which is devastating for social animal like elephants. LEA also continues to offer Lasah for other commercial purposes on their website. It is obvious that Lasah is nothing but a money making tool for LEA and all those who have exploited and abused him.

In July last year, activists exposed photos of Lasah chained on all four legs behind public eyes during LEA’s closing hours. In March 2017, eight months after the campaign for Lasah started, the Malaysian environment ministry said that Lasah is chained on two feet (when not exploited for tourist money).

It is disgraceful what this elephant has endured all these years and if Lasah dies at LEA after a life of abuse and exploitation I am afraid the Malaysian government will be blamed.

It’s time the Malaysian government put an end to Lasah’s suffering after too many years. Over 400,000 supporters around the world have spoken up for Lasah through petitions, public demonstrations in Malaysia, Europe and America, writing to you and social media.

I join FOTO Malaysia and other animal lovers like myself from around the world in asking you to please order the transfer of Lasah to the Kuala Gandah elephant sanctuary where he will have the companionship of other elephants, space, and care that he deserves for the rest of his life, if he cannot be wild released.


Yours Sincerely,

[Your name here]