Orangutan attack at Sepilok

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Photo: The lifeless body of Yoda after his tragic electrocution at Sepilok


In a Tripadvisor post made by a tourist in March 2017, an orangutan attacked a tourist at the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre [SORC] in the East Malaysian state of Sabah. For years SORC has been a huge tourist attraction when in the first place tourism should not be allowed at all in any great ape rehabilitation centre. The Sabah Wildlife Department [SWD], which manages SORC, is aware that rehabilitation guidelines are being broken at SORC. However, the lure of financial profit at the expense of Malaysian orangutans at Sepilok does have its effect on orangutans at Sepilok. We have contacted the SWD regarding the attack and are awaiting response.



Read our media publication on the tragic death of Yoda the orangutan at Sepilok in 2016. Click here to read and share the publication.

The video below [not related to the attack] shows a tourist playing with two orangutans. We do not blame tourists for coming into contact with the apes as it’s mostly the apes who approach tourists at Sepilok and tourists are not told what damage they are potential doing to themselves [disease, attacks] and the orangutans. Please click here to know why you should stay away from orangutan rehabilitation centres.