TripAdvisor takes action…and more

TripAdvisor takes action…and more

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Photo: Protest for Lasah outside Malaysian consulate in New York City

Dear supporter,

Thanks to longtime campaign supporter, Julia Savory, Tripadvisor have finally taken down Langkawi Elephant Adventures’ Tripadvisor page. Together we have also managed to get Expedia and TripHobo to remove their page promoting Lasah elephant rides on their website. Lonely Planet had already removed theirs when they were contacted, probably thanks to this campaign!

Save The Asian Elephants [STAE], a U.K. based organisation dedicated to stopping the decline and abuse of Asian elephants recently wrote to the Malaysian environment minister to ask for Lasah’s freedom. Support the STAE and please help sign and share STAE’s petition “…to end the cruel treatment of elephants in India” at the link below:

The Nonhuman Rights Project, a civil rights organisation advocating for rights for nonhuman animals also wrote to the minister. The NhRP was founded by prominent activist lawyer Steven Wise, who featured in the documentary Unlocking the Cage. The NhRP also published their statement online, here:

11.01.17 Media Release: Statement in Support of FOTO Malaysia’s Campaign to #FreeLasah


Support the NhRP and their effort in freeing several elephants in the U.S.:

Clients: Beulah, Karen, and Minnie

We are still welcoming those who live in Malaysia to join us in spreading awareness for Lasah. You may contact us at

Please tweet for Lasah today. Click to tweet now >

Thank you.