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Do you work in a zoo, orangutan rehabilitation centre or in/near orangutan habitat in the wild? Do you have concerns about practices, standards or care at your workplace? Or if you know orangutans are harmed/killed in the wild?

Across Malaysia we work with individuals to identify (and sometimes, expose) poor standards and practices in zoos to help improve the quality of life of orangutans in captivity. We also look to expose any company/individual who harms orangutans in their forest home. You can report to Friends of the Orangutans if you experience or have information on these issues:

Our assurance:

– We will protect the identity of any individual that contacts us with information and will guarantee complete confidentiality if required

– We will not publicize any information or photos without your express consent


Example of information you can provide us:

– Unsupervised feeding of food (with photos) of any kind to orangutans at a zoo

– Use of orangutans for public entertainment. An example would be orangutans used in public photography sessions, animal shows

– Poor captive care of orangutans

– Abuse and murder of orangutans in captivity or the wild (e.g. a palm oil plantation)

Furthermore if you have visited an orangutan rehabilitation centre in Sabah or Sarawak and have come across visitors being in too close proximity to orangutans, for example, holding them for the purpose of taking photographs, please let us know. Orangutans can catch human diseases from contact with humans which could be deadly to them. Plus such practice can result in injury to both apes and humans.

Click here to report to contact us.