Melaka Zoo orangutans need help

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Even after being revealed, with evidence in pictures, Melaka Zoo refuses to accept that the orangutans there are being mistreated, and this is a zoo run by a government who are about to spend USD $7 million importing two pandas on loan from China.

We need to put more pressure on Melaka Zoo. Please can you write to these two Malaysian papers (especially the first), in two separate emails . You can use the same letter to send to both.


Ask for:

– Enrichment to be immediately added to all night cages
– Improvement to outdoor exhibit/enclosure
– All orangutans be given chance to be in outdoor exhibit
– Relocation of orangutans from Melaka Zoo be made ASAP, and where will they be sent?
– Assessment on Sumatran orangutan in question, on its mental & physical health
– Supervision around outdoor enclosure to stop visitors from throwing junk food and rubbish in it

Feel free to explain your disgust at Melaka Zoo for refusing to accept responsibility and making changes.

Please also visit the our Melaka Zoo page here to sign petitions to help.

Thank you.