Questions on Rasa Ria remain unanswered

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Questions on Rasa Ria remain unanswered

December 3, 2012

FMT LETTER: From  Suzanne Vigenser (Australia), via e-mail

Why won’t the Sabah Wildlife Department answer questions regarding treatment of orangutans at Rasa Ria. To the director, Dr Laurentius Ambu, why have you remained silent on this issue and will you answer the following questions put to you and the Sabah Wildlife Department please.

Why was Tenten the orphaned orangutan sent to a holiday resort rather than be retained at Sepilok for rehabilition? Isn’t Sepilok better able to administer the care and expertise required of such a young orangutan? We imagine donors to Orangutan Appeal UK would be alarmed and disappointed to discover Sepilok is passing on cute babies to a luxurious hotel.

Was anyone arrested and prosecuted for the killing of Tenten’s adult mother? The Shangri-la company has recently announced a big increase in profits. Why, therefore, do they solicit donations at the resort and what happens to this money?

Is there a permanent, full time vet at Rasa Ria? How often does the SWD inspect the orangutans and their cages? We received reports of volunteers sent home for taking pictures of the condition of orangutans? Why is this so?

How many orangutans have died at Rasa Ria in the last five years? In this regard we have received a worrying report. By not addressing the above questions it raises suspicion that Sabah is not doing their job in protecting wildlife and orangutans and that is not proactive as it claims.


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