Report to FOTO

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Do you work in a zoo, orangutan rehabilitation centre or in/near orangutan habitat in the wild? Do you have concerns about practices, standards or care at your workplace? Or if you know orangutans are harmed/killed in the wild? Across Malaysia … Continued

Update on Jackie

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We earlier announced on our website we would be bringing you update on Jackie the orangutan. Based on our investigation it was easy to determine that Jackie was indeed used to lure tourist money, for 20 years. Our questions to … Continued

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The plight of the elephants on parade Disturbing visuals have emerged that point toward the alleged mistreatment and abuse of elephants that has been taking place for years at a zoo in Malacca. A recent tip-off by an NGO called … Continued

Plight of the elephants on parade

posted in: News | 0   The A’famosa Resort (2 hours south of Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital) is first and foremost a golf and entertainment holiday resort. In the adjoining A’Famosa Safari Wonderland zoo illegally obtained (wild caught in  Indonesia) orangutans have in … Continued

Jackie the orangutan

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Jackie is a 22-year old female orangutan who according to the Sabah Wildlife Department (SWD), “spent most of the last two decades “spoilt” with junk food in Ranau”. In March this year Jackie was transferred to the Lok Kawi Wildlife … Continued